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Reducing our customer aquisition cost

  • UX
  • Product Design
Screenshots of the landing page for free trialers

The goal

Connect business with customers

Untappd for Business (UTFB) offers a single platform to manage menus across the Untappd consumer app, print, digital displays, and social media. Business owners looking to access the Untappd platform, had to trudge through a sales funnel that averaged ~1 month.


Fall 2021

My role:

  • Competitive research & analysis
  • Facilitate user interviews
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping & testing

The opportunity

Our team was tasked with opening our platform up to customers via a product-led growth approach. Myself, VP of Product, and our Product Manager worked closely with stakeholders from the Untappd for Business & Untappd consumer applications to protect the reputation Untappd had built as a detailed beer database.

The process

With the help of a UX researcher our product team + stakeholders journeymapped the end-to-end onboarding process from the perspective of potential customers and UTFB employees. This process helped us understand where the larger pain points that coorelated with customer churn.

Empathizing with businesses

UTFB is used by a wide variety of businesses ranging from small-medium breweries all the way to enterprise-level franchises. For v1 of the trial, our target audience were these small-med businesses who were crunched for time / personel resources looking for a one-stop location to manage their menus.

Persona overlap

  • The primary user is not always the one paying
  • Untappd & UTFB users often overlap.
  • Customers who went through the sales funnel were instructed how to use the product, but by the time their account was setup they couldn't remember what to do.

Business goals

  • Highlight high-value features & set customers up for success once converted
  • Provide more consistency between UTFB & Untappd experiences
  • Allow trialers to experience the product without impacting the experience of existing UTFB customers
  • Allow trialers to convert at any point during the trial

What we delivered

A marketing site facelift

As the first part of our work, we worked closely with the marketing team to A/B test site layouts that simplified the steps required to start a trial.

Inputs 12 < 1 input

Screenshots of the landing page for free trialers

Value without impacting the Untappd community

To protect Untappd consumer users & the beer data within, we needed a way to prevent incorrect data from getting into the consumer app.

Redesigned reports page
Redesigned reports page

Building value through guided walkthroughs

A marketing site alone wouldn't cut it. Feedback from new customers informed us that users weren't quite sure what to do next once they had built their first menu.

We sought to set trialers up for success by showcasing value quickly and early and a smooth conversion.

We wanted anyone at a business trying out UTFB to have access to core feature walkthroughs. The free-trial landing page serves as a place for trialers to gain an understanding of what features are available, what they get with a UTFB subscription, and guided walkthroughs of core features.

Most importantly, the trial landing page offered easy access to the conversion funnel with additional access to the funnel via gated features.

Redesigned reports page
Redesigned reports page

The outcome

We slowly released the free trial experience into different markets. Over the course of the 2021 UTFB converted 30% of sales from the free trial experience. We were able to gain an additional 10% of customers from the qualified leads who had signed up, but not converted during the trial.